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1.  Decide which ceremony style best fits your expectations (elopement, simple ceremony, custom, etc.). Tell us your wedding date, venue/location, and desired ceremony start time. Your booking contract will be drafted, preferences recorded, any appointments arranged, and the ball will be rollin'!


2. Prior to arriving at your ceremony location, you will need to have a CLARK COUNTY MARRIAGE LICENSE in your hands! As your Las Vegas officiants, we cannot grab this for you, all couples must first visit the Marriage Bureau to obtain this packet of legal paperwork prior to their marriage ceremony. 


3. Meet your officiant at your ceremony location on the BIG DAY and have the entire packet of marriage licensing paperwork ready for review. 


4. We will then perform your marriage ceremony; we will laugh and cry, guests will applaud! You will depart with a temporary keepsake version of your marriage certificate - this is not valid for a name change or spousal health insurance, but if you wave it around town someone might give you free champagne!


 5. After 10-days, you can access your REAL marriage certificate here ; it has now become public record. Order this version online and have it sent to your home address. This "official" version is the copy used for a name change, benefits at work, etc. If you cannot wait roughly 20-days total to have this delivered to your home mailbox, we can rush the service for a fee of $50. Just ask!
















Countries participating in the Hague Convention of 1961 require a bonus document that authenticates your marriage certificate. A LOT of countries require this, it is called an APOSTILLE. Does your home country require an Apostille? Look here.



Getting married in Vegas is easy! Here are the 5 steps you should know...

Extra work for international couples!

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