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Don't worry about titles: Reverend, Minister, Pastor, Celebrant, Officiant.

Our own beliefs are immaterial during your ceremony; OUR VOW is to represent YOU well,

and our purpose is to elevate tradition around your needs and tastes as a contemporary couple, 

regardless of the institution you're marrying in.


Whether you're secular, religious, interfaith, or a multicultural couple wishing to express yourself

in a manner that's outrageously YOU, we'd be honored to assist! 


It's all peachy keen, so long as your love is radiant.

ANGIE, owner and booking manager  

I'm a Las Vegas marriage officiant who excessively uses ellipses...craves Thai tea, brakes for the desert tortoise, and has no problem 'taking the reins' at a wedding!


With a love language of "Acts of Service", I'm an eternal bridesmaid for our couples. 


I was inspired to disrupt the dowdy officiant niche in 2011, courtesy of my own wedding ceremony flop, gah! As a Vegas bride who interviewed countless ministers, I quickly became frustrated by others' narrow belief systems and stale material. 


I wasn't comfortable with a stiff-person blessing my marriage or wearing clothing that would be an eye sore in my final photos! 


From there, I trained a team of non-judgemental officiants who were charismatic, diverseand modernSoon, we had a list of engaged couples all marching to different drums! My passion for representing various thoughts and viewpoints on marriage was fulfilled.


Contemporary, odd, even unexpected, everyone has their own love story waiting to be honored. Our crew is here to help with it

Keywords that get me pumped: Cross-cultural couple, ceremonies on a stage, second-chance romance, noise-makes.

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Meet the crew. Together we wed 1000 couples, annually!

Norma headshot from mckenzi 2022.jpg
NORMA, bilingual wedding officiant  

As a mobile officiant, Norma knows her way around the desert - and her Pandora account! She listens to sappy songs while off-roading to weddings and during family karaoke events.   


Nothing gets her frazzled (unless it's a shortage of Diet Coke), and her pre-ceremony ritual is as simple as popping an Altoid into her mouth and ensuring she's caught up on her Bravo TV shows! 


Though an officiant, she's also a reliable hostess who will wave down your stretch limo, wrangle hyped-up bridal parties, and help with jammed champagne bottles! She's fueled by the natural high of being instrumental in countless "happily ever afters".

Keywords that get her pumped up would be: Couple hired live musicians, secret elopement, bride has adorable purse.  

BERLYNN, wedding officiant  

Officiating full-time since 2016, Berlynn cherishes couples who express themselves in off-beat, edgy ways. She's an adventure-seeking motorcycle lover, who maintains a pre-performance ritual of blaring Billy Idol's White Wedding before stepping into a venue!


As a conditioned solo backpacker, she's seen her share of national parks but often finds her wedding groove in unconventional spaces like the colorful Downtown Arts District and speakeasies. 

Berlynn is a competitive dancer and gifted author who produces goose-bump-worthy verse, but ironically her favorite ceremony aspect is when couples share their own personal vows!


Keywords that get her pumped up would be: Sage smudging, astrophotography, couple is arriving in a classic hot rod!

Alex headshot.jpg
ALEX, bilingual wedding officiant  

Alex is so light-hearted to be around, he even makes your boring legal paperwork feel like a fun part of the wedding day! His favorite couples are cross-cultural, but he admits he might be biased since he's a Latino man who married a Caucasian Queen!


Making his desert elopement debut in 2020, Alex joined our team with previous officiant experience in churches and chapels, and now his smooth voice and easy demeanor have handheld our couples all over the United States.

His fandom for Corgis and Taco Bell runs almost as deep as his drawer of stylish ties, and when the day is done you can find him coaching his son on Pokemon (Alex has caught them alllll). 


Keywords that get him pumped up: Adult flower boy, couple wants you in costume, personal vows. 

JACOBA, wedding officiant

If a text message thread is full of cute memes, it's because Officiant Jacoba has been assigned to your ceremony! Downing a banana and Red Bull before every wedding, she is full of thoughtfulness and energy!

Her favorite couples are those who can calm each other with the slightest touch at the altar, and remain present for the duration. Her pre-ceremony advice would be, "Make that exit kiss, count!". 


The wild consumption of books throughout her life has provided her with a vast vocabulary and the never-ending chase of a good love story! 


Puppies and babies have her melting...right along with her favorite chocolate-covered pomegranate seeds and three-wick candles. 

Keywords that get her pumped: Destination wedding, couple is expecting first child, floral arrangements at altar. 

Jacoba Headshot.jpg
Tala Headshot.jpg
TALA, wedding officiant  

If you have a themed wedding, Tala is your gal! Her favorite part of the job is dressing fancy and coordinating with the couple. Love is universal and Tala feels this connection each time she performs a ceremony in lockstep with those in front of her. 

A two-time spelling bee champion, you want her on your team to help write out those error-free vows. She's also happy to provide honeymoon advice as an experienced traveler  - once, she pushed through a case of food poisoning in an effort to not lose her scuba diving deposit in the Philippines! The dedication to adventure!

When the sun goes down, Tala returns to the suburbs to care for her children, toss out the dead plants in her home, and binge-watch Bridgerton. 

Keywords that get her pumped: Boba tea cart, choreographed first dance, winter wonderland vibes.

GRIFFIN, wedding officiant  

The champ of our company teambuilding nights, Griffin helps us cut loose with his expert knowledge of virtual reality and deep inventory of board games - just make sure nothing involves zombies, which give him the heebie-jeebies

Griffin began his officiant journey as a pastor, which means he is a steady shoulder to lean on, great on the mic, and his pre-wedding ritual involves praying for his couples and their successes.


When not at the altar, you can find him grading English papers for his classes of 8th-grade students and celebrating three-day weekends with trips to Disneyland!  

When peak wedding season hits hard, Griffin "restoreth thy soul" by ordering Chipotle burrito bowls and fine-tuning his comical voice-over accents! British Griffin, anyone?

Keywords that get him pumped: Personal vows, kids section, first dance to Bruno Mars.

Griffin Headshot.jpg
Shimura headshot from mckenzi 2022.jpg 2.jpg
SHIMURA, wedding officiant  

Shimura is entertaining and full of laughter! With a background in marriage and family therapy, she shifted her talents into couples' new beginnings, via marriage ceremonies.


A full-time officiant, Shimura is a lover of all lifestyles and welcomes charisma within a ceremony. A performer by nature, her singing voice is a delight and she can be found running the mic at any event! 

Her pre-ceremony ritual includes a moment of gratitude for getting to lead a couple; and when peak season slows, you can find her napping at a beach-front hotel and sneaking in some shopping!

Keywords that get her pumped: "Vegas, baby!", bride has a shoe change, disco balls, LGBTQ couple

EDNA,  bilingual wedding officiant  

A full-time Floridian officiant who transplanted to Vegas, Edna is a warm hug! Her background is in teaching teams; she's a lifelong educator whose patience and even keel temperament are perfect for the stressful wedding industry. 


Her favorite moment at the altar is the anticipation immediately before the kiss - the excitement and surrender in the eyes of a couple

Her hidden talent is packing a week's worth of clothes into a travel carry-on, but when home, Edna stays busy raising teenagers, painting portraits, and indulging in Godiva's Signature Truffles! 

Keywords that get her pumped: Blended family, ceremony on cruise ship, ballroom wedding. 

Edna Headshot from MckENZI 2022.jpg
Wanda Headshot.jpg
WANDA, international paperwork

Wanda is a licensed professional matchmaker who has followed her couples straight down the aisle, no kidding! 


The team anchor for international couples, she delivers the 'zen'. Thousands of anxious couples have counted on Wanda to slow their breathing down, redirect any chaos, and remind them that the follies of the day can indeed be memorable stories later on! With 1000+ previous ceremonies under her name, she's now semi-retired and funnels her time into processing international marriage certificates. 


She's an expert in documentation with a passion for lush gardens; her avoidance of cold temps makes her a perfect fit for the Las Vegas desert!

Keywords that get her pumped: Dogs will be at wedding, massive floral arch, couple is from the South .

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