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Don't worry about titles: Reverend, Minister, Pastor, Celebrant, Officiant.

Our own beliefs are immaterial during your ceremony; OUR VOW is to represent you well, and our purpose is to elevate tradition

around your needs and tastes as a contemporary couple, regardless of the institution you're marrying in.


Whether you're secular, religious, interfaith, or a multicultural couple wishing to express yourself

in a manner that's outrageously YOU, we'd be honored to assist! 


It's all peachy keen, so long as your love is radiant.

owner + lead wedding officiant  

I'm a Las Vegas marriage officiant who excessively uses ellipses...craves Thai iced tea, brakes for desert tortoise, and has no problems 'taking the reins'! With a love language of "Acts of Service", I'm an eternal Bridesmaid for my couples. 


My quest to become a wedding officiant was inspired by my own ceremony flop with my husband, which included countless interviews and a struggle to find the perfect minister. As a Vegas bride, I became frustrated by others' narrow belief systems and stale material. Not feeling comfortable with a stranger blessing my marriage, or someone who might be distracted by their own beliefs, I sought a non-judgemental officiant who was unrehearsed and REAL. 


Though my quest had dismal results, it inspired me to complete my own ordainment and licensure in 2011. Soon, I had a list of engaged couples all marching to a different drum and my passion for representing the everyday love stories among us was fulfilled.


I find the most emotional reward comes from representing inter-faith couples, couples who decided to do things 'their way', and couples who are on their second chance at love later in life. Contemporary, odd, even unexpected...I've learned that everyone has their own lil' fairytale waiting to be honored!

Inquires that get me pumped up would be: Cross-cultural couples, scenic locations with bunnies and deer, couples willing to drag arches and florals into the desert!


Meet the crew. Together we wed over 700 couples annually!

wedding officiant  

As a mobile officiant, Norma knows her way around the desert - and her Pandora account; she's listened to hundreds of hours of sappy love songs while off-roading to weddings!   


Norma's fueled by the natural high of being instrumental in countless 'happily ever afters'! Her skills reach beyond officiating intimate ceremonies though, she's also as a"hostess with the mostest" who can't help but jump in to wave down stretch-limos, wrangle hyped-up bridal parties, or help with a successful champagne pop! 


With a talent for event planning, Norma was surrounded by friends in the wedding industry, so it was natural for her to join the fun as an ordained Las Vegas minister in 2014.

Inquires that get her pumped up would be: Couples who hire live musicians, a secret elopement, a marriage for a blended family.  

wedding officiant  

Alex is so light-hearted to be around, he even makes your boring legal paperwork somehow feel like a fun part of the wedding day process!  


Making his desert elopement debut in January 2020, Alex joined our team with five years of officiant experience based in banquet halls, churches and chapels. Alex's charm resides in his ability to make nervous couples feel relaxed, all while turning on an eloquence with his verse and intimate ceremony performances.  


He's the pillar of the team that's up for extreme adventures and is welcoming all lifestyles; you'll find yourself supported through Alex's professional demeanor as your chosen officiant.


Inquires that get him pumped up would be: Cliffside weddings, a couple wanting him to officiate in a burrito costume, Ghost Town weddings.

wedding officiant  

Officiating since 2016, Berlynn loves the great escapes that allow a couple to express themselves in off-beat, edgy ways. She's an adventure-seeking, hopeless romantic and proud sucker for love in all fashions!


A Vegas native loyal to the desert, she chases excitement in unconventional locales such as vow exchanges near the colorful Downtown Art Murals or even in hidden speakeasies. And if an astrophotography wedding is your jam, she'll volunteer to sleep under the stars - no questions asked.  

Berlynn is a gifted author and teacher at heart! She cherishes spoken word and embraces morphing into a couple's 'vision', scraping traditional vibes when asked. 


Inquires that get her pumped up would be: Brides in leather jackets, bawdy and humorous vow exchanges, couples that want to wed in the back of a classic hot rod!

Behind-The-Scenes, you will find...
celebration assistant 
Tina finds joy in all situations, so working behind-the-scenes for mini-receptions has become icing on the cake - quite literally! Tina helps our destination couples with their celebrations by providing in-suite or on-site decor setups, along with the delivery of cake and champagne.  
For those couples who do not want to DIY the logistics of providing refreshments at their small weddings, Tina will take on their worries, aligning with our local bakeries to create darling celebration displays!
celebration assistant 
Alize is student of Interior Design and has a wonderful aesthetic, which helps with the beauty of our elopements and microweddings!
For those couples looking to add-on a mini reception with champagne and cake cutting, it will likely be Alize who fine tunes your decor and assembles your vignette, creating the perfect ensemble for your photos!
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