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  • 10-12 minute ceremony

  • Preference questionnaire provided

  • Allows for personal vows

  • Religious or Civil

  • Vendor referrals if needed

  • Elopement is four or fewer guests

  • Microwedding is five or more guests 

  • Filing of Las Vegas marriage certificate

  • No travel fees within city limits

Luxe elopements and mirco-weddings have the intimacy of a private Vegas getaway, with a more sophisticated feel. Couples tend to choose off-beat locations, adding florals, videography...even a small celebration afterward, all giving these simple ceremonies a polished feel!


We craft emotionally touching ceremonies, without a chapel. Despite the brevity, your ceremony won't feel like another ("cookie-cutter") Las Vegas wedding package!


As mobile marriage ministers, ceremonies can be performed on-site at visually interesting locations, including areas beyond city limits. One witness, or an hourly photographer serving this role, is required. Couples can visit our Pinterest page to view potential ceremony locations.

Elopements, small ceremonies, and Las Vegas pop-up weddings, are an ideal choice for those wanting a destination wedding with minimal fuss.


las vegas wedding minister
las vegas wedding minister
  • 15-20 minute ceremony

  • Personal details questionnaire

  • Personal vow writing assistance

  • Sand or Candle Unity, if desired

  • Filing of  Las Vegas marriage certificate

  • No travel fees within city limits

Capturing the most traditional elements of a marriage ceremony, we pair established verbiage with personal details from your homework questionnaire, sharing your favorite interests and quirks as a couple with your guests! All lifestyles and faiths welcome. 


This nuptial style is a popular choice for traditional couples seeking a refined and classic ceremony which caters perfectly to timeframes set by banquet halls and country clubs. 




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las vegas wedding minister
  • One hour consultation & design session

  • Personalized homework segment

  • 30 minute bespoke ceremony

  • Assistance with vow writing

  • Coordination with your vendors

  • Readings, unity, and creative elements

  • Cultural inclusions, if desired

  • Advance draft copy, for edit

  • Rehearsal, if available

  • Early arrival to the ceremony site

  • Filing of  Las Vegas marriage certificate

  • No travel fees within city limits

Somewhere within your relationship lies your unique love story, waiting to be told! Once you have your ceremony's draft copy in hand, you'll be in awe at how our custom marriage ceremonies are not a "fill-in-the-blank" script passed off as "personalized", but rather an all-inclusive narrative reflecting the identity you've carved out together over the years!

Designed to take your guests on a journey, your full-length ceremony has its framework outlined with both partners during a one-hour consultation, in person or via video chat. Together we will reveal themes of your history together, explore heritage, include any spirituality, and discuss personalized homework pieces.


This ceremony style is popular with contemporary couples looking to represent their own individuality and can include rituals, unity pieces, or creative elements. Collaborating, our goal is to reflect YOUR viewpoints on love and marriage while captivating your guests at the altar!


Each couple is provided their ceremony's draft copy for approval, pre-performance. Additionally, the wedding planner is given a supply packing list and partnering vendors will be briefed about the ceremony's choreography in advance - no surprises here! Let's walk down the aisle with confidence!


Starting at $300
Las Vegas Vow Renewal
Las Vegas Vow Renewal
Las Vegas Vow Renewal
  • May include a couples consultation

  • 10-30 minute ceremony

  • Standard or customized

  • Early arrival to ceremony site

  • No hidden travel fees

A Vegas vow renewal is perfect for a milestone anniversary and can even be a spontaneous event while you vacation!


Your renewal can duplicate your original wedding vows or we can help you express something entirely new that better reflects your journey, incorporates a growing family, or represents the dream wedding that circumstances did not allow for the first time around.


A marriage license and witness is not required for vow renewals. Fees vary depending on the style and complexity of the ceremony desired.


Starting at $150
las vegas mobile justice of the peace
las vegas mobile justice of the peace
las vegas mobile justice of the peace
  • Mobile service

  • 5-30 minute appointment

  • Document signing

  • Filing of Las Vegas marriage certificate

A "paperwork only" service is suitable in a variety of situations such as medical necessity or military circumstances. This is also needed when having a non-licensed family member perform your Las Vegas wedding ceremony, or as a convenient alternative to visiting the Las Vegas Justice of the Peace.


​Fees vary depending upon your needs. Rush filing of your Las Vegas marriage certificate is available for a fee.